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Crossfit is more than just a fad, it’s a method that works! Whether you’re a professional athlete or someone new to fitness, Crossfit El Paso can help you reach, and exceed, your fitness goals.

If you’ve considered starting a new fitness regimen in the El Paso, TX area, crossfit may be the perfect workout system for you. From beginners to professionals, those who participate in this fitness method experience a dramatic increase in strength, endurance and flexibility. No matter your fitness level, you will find an exciting challenge and professional support when you come to Crossfit El Paso.

Not sure if crossfit training is for you? We have a variety of other fitness classes that may peak your interest. Let us tell you more about our classes and options when you call us today! 915-833-3200


  • Crossfit
    What is CrossFit? It's real world fitness for real life situations. This is why it is used by many law enforcement agencies, military special operations units, and professional athletes around the world. We offer classes for all fitness levels, ages, and sizes.
    Kwan System
    Kwan Aguirre has come to CrossFit El Paso from Mexico. He has a very extensive resume in training some of the top athletes in the world. KWAN System emphasizes the improvement of strength and conditioning through the application of exercise science and the use of power lifting and then some.
    Group Fitness Classes
    Because we understand that not everyone is into the same fitness programs we also provide some of the widest variety of training in El Paso. We have Zumba, spinning, body sculpting, kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, and much more! Come in for a tour!