• Tired of TV ads, gym boredom, and over-promised fitness routines? Interested in CrossFit, but not ready to commit to heavy barbells and complex movements? No problem. We have taken our experience with functional, results-oriented fitness, and developed the perfect program for you.
    FEMMEfit was made for women who are still interested in high-intensity, effective workouts, but with a feminine twist. Classes are programmed FOR WOMEN and BY WOMEN. Ensuring the most effective, figure-flattering results you’ve ever experienced.

FEMMEfit – CrossFit El Paso’s Women’s Only Class

Love your fitness as your move into the world of kettlebell training, plyometrics, simple gymanstics and body-firming cardio. Classes are held at both our east and west locations.  Instructors are fluent in English and Spanish and beginners are welcome every day. Come join the CrossFit evolution as we show you our world of high-intensity, core focused, programming for WOMEN ONLY. Call, drop by or contact us to TRY US FREE FOR 5 DAYS!

In CrossFit, we recognize that the functional needs of men, women and children vary by degree, not by kind. At CrossFit El Paso, we also recognize that there are some women who feel more comfortable pushing their envelopes and improving their own fitness levels when they are in an environment in which they feel comfortable. And for some women, that means a class with other women.

  • While every class taught at CrossFit El Paso offers a “safe space” (physically and emotionally) for learning new movement and improving fitness levels, we have discovered that many of our female athletes have benefited significantly from being surrounded by other women. This is a place where strength is celebrated and camaraderie has developed organically. In this environment, we have seen confidence in lifting and moving grow, and we’ve been able to see areas where women tend to need improvement, so as a group, we identify and work on them together. The classes start to feel more like team practices and sport than simply the workout of the day.
    The programming for the CrossFit Women’s program is different than the one that is employed in the all levels classes, and is scaled or modified according to each athlete’s ability. Workouts are performed at the highest intensity that each individual can sustain with good form and technique, which is taught and reinforced throughout class. Some women are more comfortable in a ladies-only setting and find it easier to focus on their workouts and compete with themselves in the presence of other women. All levels are appropriate and accommodated in this class. Some of the ladies also participate in the all levels classes one additional day each week, so they’ve experienced both sides.
  • Here’s what Mague has to say about the class:

    This is Mague Lopez. She started our women-only class in August of this year. Mague had been taking spin and body pump classes prior to starting CrossFit. She has always been active. Whether it was running, cycling, swimming or group exercise class. She noticed that Crossfit El Paso Women's only class was different. The workouts were never the same and they were unique from other strength classes. Her entire body has become stronger and more toned.

    Mague said she never thought she could do 100 burpees in a row without stopping. That was until we did the WOD, GI JANE. 100 burpee pull ups! She did amazing. Her deadlift weight has tripled and she continues to push and challenge herself and the entire class everyday.

    Good Job, Mague!